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About Us

Rovtech Solutions (under the previous company name of Rovtech Systems) have traditionally been known as a producer of underwater equipment for both the offshore and nuclear industries. Our in house products, including the Seaker ROV range, Seacam Cameras and Seabeam Lights are being used worldwide.

Since its inception nearly 20 years ago, Rovtech Solutions have been a product based company with its own Machine Shop and Electronics Workshop, as well as a large underwater Test Facility.

However over the past few years we have increasingly been engaged by customers as problem solvers, to work on developing bespoke products to solve particular problems.

GDPR: Protecting Your Data

Rovtech Solutions have updated our privacy policy and we want you to understand and feel confident about how we collect, store and handle your personal data.

Why do Rovtech Solutions collect your data?

  • We collect data only for use in our day to day business operations.

How does Rovtech Solutions collect your data?

  • We collect your data in a number of ways, from the information you provide when talking to our sales team or from when you place an order. Our priority is to protect and treat your data with the utmost care.

When do Rovtech Solutions share your data?

  • We do not share data without first contacting you. The only data that will be shared is: Your email address or telephone number. This is only when we believe there is mutual business interests.

Here are just some of our clients and partners;

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Continued Growth & Expansion

RSL's successes include the development of the Adaptable Seaker ROV, which is the only light work vehicle in the world carrying out manipulator, sludge and debris removals within a nuclear environment and developing the Jetpump Sludge Removal System as a tooling option for the Adaptable Seaker ROV, which is now being used successfully in the Sellafield ponds.

As the name change suggests Rovtech Solutions are moving towards being project led rather than simply producing products. 3D CAD Design, Product Animation, Prototyping and Testing will be added to the range of services to make it a one stop shop: from concept to completion.

Nuclear Expertise & Experience

Four of the key design personnel each have over 30 years experience in the ROV and Remote Handling sectors with three having over 25 years working in and around major Sellafield projects. This history also includes manufacturing and operating the first Mini Seaker ROV to work within the Sellafield Site to inspect underwater windscale piles as well as decommissioning projects such as the Windscale Pile chimneys, the water ducts and WAGR.

This wealth of hands on experience can therefore give the client the confidence in the proposals being put forward and with their in house CAD Design department the basics of a solution can be transformed into a 3D model to prove the concepts within the working constraints; after which a prototype can be built and tested. Any modifications can be carried out quickly to improve the system if required. By utilising design gates the clients can track progress and discuss any operational or safety concerns that may arise.

Rovtech Solutions wants its clients both old and new to put forward their most challenging problems and allow them to provide a solution.


Feel free to contact us directly using the form provided below or alternatively send us an email at where all enquiries are welcome.