Carbon Fibre Modular Deployment Poles


Carbon Fibre Modular Deployment Poles

The new, innovative RSL Carbon Fibre Modular Deployment Poles have been developed as a lightweight, flexible system that can be used to perform long reach operations. The poles are available in 1m, 2m and 3m options.

Each section of the deployment pole is hermaphroditic with a female and male 16-pin submersible connector, keyed for ease of mating and precision machined for a perfect fit, with a substantial purpose turned locking system for rigidity.

  • Features & Benefits

    Lightweight Compact Cost-Effective 250m Depth Rating
  • Tooling Options

    Elbow: 45° and 90° Cluster Light Single RSL Ultra LED Camera Jaw Gripper (x2, x3, x4) Electro Magnet Radiation Detector

Passive Option

A range of passive end effectors for remote operations are available off the shelf or can be custom designed to client specifications. Whether you need a hook, a grapple, a standard socket or even just a pointy stick, we can deliver.

Powered Option

The 16-pin sumersible connector allows for a wide range of powered remote tooling to be attached including Cameras, Lights, Gripsticks, Water Samplers, etc. End effectors can be supplied by RSL or specific third party tooling can be integrated.

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Specification Value
Item Deployment Pole(s)
Style Carbon Fibre, Passive & Powered
Voltage Rating 300 vAC rms
DC Rating 85% of Above AC Rating
Current Rating 5A per Contact
Insulation Resistance > 200 MOhm
Temp Rating (Water) -4 to 60°C
Temp Rating (Air) -40 to 60°C


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