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Underwater Cameras & Systems

Rovtech Solutions provide a wide range of cameras for Nuclear and Offshore inspection work. The range covers HD and SD with options available including integral LEDs. Available in Stainless Steel, Annodised Aluminium and Acetyl dependent on the requirements.

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LED Lights

A range of LED Lighting is available. Manufactured in-house, the LED can be fitted to ROV's used for inspections or as permenent fixed lighting. LEDs can be dimmed and the lumen count available in the range goes from 5,000Lm through to 104,000Lm.

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Pan & Tilts

The robust 12v-24v DC Motor and Gearbox are designed to give smooth movement on both axis through 350 degrees. The internal micro switch end stop is adjustable to customer requirements. As standard the Pan and Tilt unit comes with a multiple of options of submersible connectors.

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The RSL Jetpump was designed, developed, manufactured and tested in-house and became the first enginered solution to move silt/sludge within FGMSP and PFSP (Sellafield Legacy Ponds). The Jetpump can be mounted onto an ROV or used Handheld via a deployment pole. A back flush valve is fitted to remove any potential blockages.

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Manipulators / Gripsticks

The fully Electric Manipulator has become the operators favourite in the Nuclear industry due to confidence in its robust nature. Fitted to all the ROVs deployed it is trusted for its stability, reliability and functionality. The Manipulator can also be used manually in conjunction with the RSL Deployment Poles.

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Deployment Poles

The Rovtech Solutions Carbon Fibre Deployment Poles have been developed as a light-weight, flexible system that can be used to perform long reach operations. The poles are available in 1m, 2m and 3m options and each are fitted a 16 pin connector so that a range of end effectors can be attached and deployed. Also available in Stainless Steel.


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