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Underwater ROVs

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Adaptable Seaker ROV

The stalwart ROV of the decommissioning program in FGMSP (Sellafield). Working continuously for six years in a harsh environment, this multi-function vehicle has extra power cores available allowing tooling skids (from manipulators to jetpumps) to be easily attached, enhancing the range of possible tasks available to operators.

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Adaptable Seaker ROV with Jetpump

The RSL Jetpump Suction Dredger has been specifically designed to be utilised within the Inspection and Light Work Remotely Operated Vehicle systems. The RSL Jetpump can be permanently mounted to a vehicle or can be skid mounted to be incorporated within the size constraints of the Adaptable Seaker System that is deployed within Sellafield FGMSP. The Remotely Operated Vehicle is a Nuclear RSL Seaker based on a proven existing design which has operated in the challenging Sellafield environment.

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Pick & Place (PNP) Seaker ROV

The RSL PNP (Pick and Place) Super Seaker vehicle was developed as an all electric vehicle to mitigate the risk of contamination into nuclear decommissioning ponds. The Super Seaker Pick and Place ROV has been used throughout the world, from surveying Subsea Cabling in the Orkneys, to Treasure Hunting in the Caribbean and Oil Rig Monitoring Worldwide.

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Workclass Seaker ROV

The RSL Workclass Seaker ROV was developed for offshore work surveying power cables between mainland Scotland and the Hebrides. The vehicle has four high powered longitudinal thrusters to combat the tidal waters. Equipped with a hydraulic arm and hi-spec cameras the vehicle is built for both dependency and robustness.

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Nano Seaker ROV

The RSL NANO Seaker is a small nuclear class ROV for light inspection work. It's plug & play design means components are easily replaced helping to keep costs down and maintainability extremely high. Developed specifically for the nuclear industry, the Nano is designed with a modular approach allowing it to be stripped down and built back up again in less than five minutes using a single tool.


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