N17 Compact


Operational Reliability

The Rovtech Solutions N17 Compact ROV is built on the proven technology of the Seaker ROV which have been working in the UK nuclear decommissioning sector for many years and is responsible for the retrieval of and categorisation of 80+ tonnes of legacy spent fuel. The N17 Compact ROV now features Tecnadyne Magnetically Coupled Thrusters which can give up to 17kg of thrust. The thrusters have a quoted 20,000 hours MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and are used widely in the offshore industry.

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Proven Operational Technology

The stainless-steel frame and fixings were incorporated to minimise the effects of radiation uptake and can be washed down for maintenance and are corrosion resistant.

The onboard HD Camera is housed in a clear housing which can deliver 140 degrees of tilt. The system is also delivered with two standard definition cameras for viewing any tooling options.

With electronics onboard, the N17 Compact utilises a ‘Canary’ Processor which sits at the workface and alerts the main processor of any irregularities caused through radiation exposure enabling the Operators to retrieve the vehicle under control before any catastrophic failure may occur.

The system is also delivered with two Ultra LED Lights, both capable of 5600 lumens. All polymers are selected for use with high gamma radiation including the buoyancy module which is coated with a flat profile PU coating. A 15mm diameter low drag tether can be delivered with neutral or floating option.

The PT16X tooling interface is designed for easy integration of tooling and gives full access to a range of options.

  • Designed to work in High Radiation fields and radiologically contaminated Water
  • Low Drag 15mm Tether
  • Open 316 Stainless Steel Frame, Housings and Brackets (High Corrosion Resistance)
  • High Reliability Magnetic Coupled Thrusters (20,000 Hrs MTBF) produced by Tecnadyne
  • Open Frame and Flat Profile PU Coated Buoyancy Module for ease of Decontamination
  • HD Camera with Simple Tool free module Exchange
  • RSL Tooling Interface
  • Processor Radiation Warning (Canary Chip)
  • Tungsten Shielded Processor Housing
  • 2 SD Cameras
  • Single Phase 220Vac Operation
  • Portable transit case control system with HD Recorder
  • Depth, Heading, Pitch and Roll sensors
  • 100m Tether Supplied on Reeling Drum
  • Proven Operational Technology.


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