N17 Extreme


Extreme Radiation Tolerance

Designed to withstand the harshest environments, with radiation tolerances in excess of 1000 Gy/Hr the RSL N17 Extreme is built upon the proven technology of the Seaker and Compact Seaker which have been working in the UK Nuclear Decommissioning sector for many years. The robust vehicle has been reimagined pushing the radiation tolerance to greater than 1000 Gy per hour.

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Proven Operational Technology

The Stainless Steel frame and fixings were incorporated to combat the effects of radiation uptake and can be washed down for maintenance and are corrosion resistant.

All control electronics are kept at the surface to remove the risk of failure when exposed to high levels of radiation. This philosophy is mirrored within the thrusters with the use of Stainless Steel housed brushed PM DC Motors.

A range of radiation tolerant cameras are available (Client Specified).

All Polymers are selected for use with high gamma radiation including the buoyancy module which is coated with a flat profile PU coating.

The PT16X Tooling Interface is designed for easy integration of tooling and gives full access to a range of options.

  • Extreme Radiation Tolerance > 1000 Gy/Hr
  • Open 316 Stainless Steel Frame, Housings and Brackets (High Corrosion Resistance)
  • Stainless steel Housed Brushed PM DC Thruster Motors
  • All A4 Fasteners
  • Open Frame and Flat Profile PU Coated Buoyancy Module for ease of Decontamination
  • No Earth Metals
  • No Halogens
  • Surface Control electronics (No Control Electronics Onboard)
  • Simple and Tool Free Camera Exchange (Module)
  • On Board Radiation Detector
  • Tube Camera interface Option
  • Proven Operational Technology
  • Polymers selected for compatibility with High Gamma Radiation
  • RSL Tooling Interface


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