Plug and Play ROV

The RSL NANO Seaker is a small nuclear class ROV for light inspection work. It's plug & play design means components are easily replaced helping to keep costs down and maintainability extremely high. Developed specifically for the nuclear industry, the Nano is designed with a modular approach allowing it to be stripped down and built back up again in less than five minutes using a single tool. The dose uptake of operators is kept to a minimum and operational time is maximised as a result. Onboard radiation detectors give constant feedback of the operational area.

The nature of the design and the component parts, which have created the RSL Nano Seaker, we see as a solution to the problem of discarding radiated equipment when only a portion of the whole has actually been contaminated.

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"Modular, Plug and Play design with a large focus on increased maintainability and ease of use "

Proven Track Record in Sellafield

Portable and Highly Manouverable

Unlike the standard off the shelf ROVs, which have been designed for the Oil & Gas/Offshore industry, the RSL Nano Seaker has been developed specifically for use within Nuclear. Our operationally experienced designers have taken into consideration not just the practical elements of flying the ROV, but in particular with the maintenance of the vehicle itself. The configuration of the vehicle allows for easy access to engineers, even with three pairs of gloves and full pond side PPE. The simple banding used to keep all elemenets in place is removed with the use of a blunt hook tool, eliminating the need for jubilee clips, quick release clips or small retaining screws. Maintenance is a simple plug and play operation; remove a thruster motor and replace - the same is true of all of the vehicles other components. This allows the operators to swiftly rectify any issues, cutting down time and maintaining operational effectiveness.

The development of Magnetic Coupled Thrusters is a major step forward. By eliminating all shaft seals it removes the requirement for regular thruster maintenance and the risk of housings flooding / contamination. The motor is encased in a stainless steel housing with the propeller, contained within its own protective cowl, housing the opposing magnets.

The Electronic Pod contains a 'Canary Processor'; High levels of ionising radiation cause premature failure of electronic systems. The Canary Processor system places a processor unit close to the operating interface where the highest radiation levels will be seen. Failure of the canary will require the canging of the ROV Electronics Pod. The main System Processor is located away from the radiation field with approx. 3x shielding (in water).

Spare Capacity is available. Like the Adaptable Seaker, the Nano Seaker can be extended to take it beyond the standard 'eyeball'. Within the design phase it was decided that extra communication cores were a requirement, allowing Sonar, Manipulators and simple tooling to be utilised.

The Rovtech Solutions Nano Seaker has all the elements enjoyed by the off the shelf ROVs that are typically used within the nuclear industry, however the addition of our specific design features creates an entirely new precedent. Our design ethos is to supply the right tools with the right safety critical elements. To design from the operators point of view whilst hitting the prescribed specification. And in the Nano we firmly believe we have achieved that.

All the individual components installed on the Nano are classed as 'Plug and Play'. Rather than struggling with stripping elements, component parts can be stores coded and kept on the shelf, replacing when needed. The Plug and Play elements allow an operator to quickly replace any of the below using just one simple tool. The available elements are;

  • Camera / LED Pod
  • Sealed Thruster Motors
  • Propellers / Cowls
  • Electronics Pod
  • Power Supply Distribution Pod
  • Connecting Cables
  • Frame
  • Buoyancy

The ROV has been designed for simple decontamination by allowing space around each component, enabling the operatives to clean the vehicle without stripping elements from the vehicle.

The use of heavy duty rubber strips to keep all elements in place is in opposition to the use of jubilee clips and quick release clips. The rubber banding is pulled tight and fixed into position via a simple hook. Operaters can easily and quickly remove any aspect of the ROV, unplug it from the Electronics Pod and replace where necessary. This not only keeps costs down but allows for the minimisation of any downtime and maximising operations.


Read up on our products specifications, browse the product brochure and watch any available video footage here. If you require any more information, or assistance then please don't hesistate to contact us directly.

Specification Value
Power Requirements 100-240v
Cases 1 Flight Case / 1 Pelicase
Owners Manual Hard Copy and Online Digital
System Tool Kit Basic Tool Kit
Communication Protocol RS-485
Warranty 2 Years (RTB)
Specification Value
Depth Rating 10m (Nuclear) / 100m (Open Water)
Size (LxWxH) 496 x 319 x 342mm
Weight 16.4kg
Ballast Operation Specific
Specification Value
Propulsion Horizontal/Vertical - 4 PM Direct Drive Motors
Propellers 60mm Props
Specification Value
Camera High Resolution (NTSC / PAL)
Colour and B&W
Wide Dynamic Range
Digital Slow Shutter
White Balance
20+ Real Time Camera Settings
Colour Mode Sensitivity .004 lux
B&W Mode Sensitivity .0001 lux
View Angle 90deg Horizontal / 140deg Diagonal / Wide Angle
Vertical Tilt 140deg Control
Specification Value
Lighting Optimized Integral LED Array with the Camera
Lumens User Defined
Specification Value
Computer NES-104 Windows 7 Pro, inc. Custom Seaker Software
Main Display 15" Extended Display Integrated into Panel Case
Controller Industrial Programmable Hand Controller
Recording Integrated Recording (.WMV, .AVI formats)
One Button Hand Controlled Video & Still Image Recording
Overlay Date / Time / Depth / Heading / Customised Text / Logo
Video Out Digital or Analogue Composite
Tether Floating Tether
Integrated Accessories Radiation Detector
Canary Processor System
Material(s) Stainless Steel / Plastic


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