Super Seaker Pick and Place


Super Seaker Pick and Place ROV

The RSL PNP (Pick and Place) Super Seaker vehicle was developed as an all electric vehicle to mitigate the risk of contamination into nuclear decommissioning ponds from hydraulic liquids. The arm is stored within the frame of the ROV and is deployed 1.1m vertically to retrieve spent fuel rods from the bottom of skips.

The Super Seaker Pick and Place ROV has been used throughout the world, from surveying Subsea Cabling in the Orkneys, to Treasure Hunting in the Caribbean and Oil Rig Monitoring Worldwide.

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"Versatile Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) with bespoke electric manipulator capable of lifting 17kg "

Proven Track Record in Sellafield

Safety in Design

You don't have to pick and choose between safety and operational efficiency as we've built the RSL PNP Seaker with those two ideals in mind.

There are 2 prominent built in safety features in case of recovery during a 'dead boat' situation;

  • Utilising an on-board rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack when power is lost to the vehicle two things happen; firstly the jaws open, thereby jettisoning anything held by the manipulator. Secondly the manipulator tilt is operated to manoeuvre the manipulator back into the recovery position.
  • In the case of a catastrophic failure of the gripstick when it is in the vertical position there is an ROV friendly jettison pin located just underneath the vehicle that can be operated either manually or by the observation ROV manipulator. Once removed this will allow the entire gripstick and jaw contents to be dropped and disconnected automatically thereby allowing the vehicle to be recovered.

The RSL Electric Gripstick Hand Controller is of ergonomic design and is developed in conjunction with and facilitating the needs and requirements of operational personnel.

The RSL Electric Gripstick (Available Separately), has been through several modifications in its RSL lifetime but has now become a heavily relied upon stable build, where in the nuclear industry it has been used highly succesfully within several designated harsh enviornments. The gripstick itself has a range of interchangeable jaws, capable of many tasks, making it versatile in its operations. Integrating the Super Seaker ROV with the RSL Electric Gripstick Manipulator seemed inevitable.

Uniquely the gripstick is able to be utilised either vertically directly underneath the vehicle to pick up objects up to 17kg in weight, or in the stowed position out of the front of the vehicle to pick up / manouvere smaller, much lighter objects on the floor.

The Gripstick has a number of available functions; a Manipulator deployment tilt that rotates the arm through 90deg to enable it to be used either vertically or horizontally*. Gripstick rotate with 180deg operation to enable the operator to position the fuel elements in the skip. Gripstick Manipulator with specially designed dual jaws which because of the unique design of the will enable the operator to exert an upward force on any of the fuel elements that are fused together.

The philosophy of the Super Seaker PNP vehicle was to provide a simple modular Remotely Operated Vehicle to offer a reliable and easily maintainable system capable of carrying out the necessary operations with the minimum of basic underwater components. The Super Seaker, originally built and operated within the Oil Industry had has also been designed to withstand operations within a harsh environment.

At Rovtech Solutions we pride ourselves on the knowledge that the RSL Pick and Place Seaker ROV has succesfully moved over 25+ tonnes of radioactive fuel rods and counting. Our products' track record in some of the harshest environments speaks for itself.


Read up on our products specifications, browse the product brochure and watch any available video footage here. If you require any more information, or assistance then please don't hesistate to contact us directly.

Specification Value
Crash Frame Robust Stainless Steel (316)
Thruster(s) 2x Longitudinal
Thruster(s) 1x Lateral
Thruster(s) 3x Vertical (17kg min up thrust)
Camera(s) Hi-Spec Seacam Ultra Wide Colour (Pilot)
Hi-Spec Seacam Ultra Wide Monochrome (Overview)
Hi-Spec Seacam Colour w/optimised Lens (Accountancy)
Micro Seacam LED Colour mounted on Gripstick
LED Lighting 2x Seabeam Ultra LED Lights (Camera Tilt & Base of Vehicle)
Specification Value
Control Console 2u 19" Rack Mount Console
240v AC Input
3x Vertical Thruster Power Supply
3 Function Gripstick Power Supply
Front Panel Connector for Hand Controller


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