Workclass Seaker ROV


Workclass Seaker ROV

The RSL Workclass Seaker ROV was developed for offshore work surveying power cables between mainland Scotland and the Hebrides. The vehicle has four high powered longitudinal thrusters to combat the tidal waters. Equipped with a hydraulic arm and hi-spec cameras the vehicle is built for both dependency and robustness.

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Robust Offshore Inspection

The Workclass Seaker has been used throughout the world in a variety of operations including cable inspection and oil rig monitoring worldwide. The pictured ROV shown was built for the surveying of communication cables laid between mainland Scotland and the Remote Isles to the North and West. Although very close to the standard Super Seaker, the addition of two further thrusters to help fly against the currents was added, giving the ROV a total of seven thrusters. Also with the addition of a strengthened chassis it enabled the ROV to withstand any potential collisions caused by the rise in current between the Isles.

The philosophy behind all Super Seaker vehicles is to provide a simple to operate, modular remotely operated vehicle, which is both a reliable and easily maintainable system capable of carrying out the necessary operations with the minimum of basic components.

Propulsion is supplied by seven interchangeable thrusters. Four of which are mounted horizontally and thrust the vehicle forward, astern, and provide clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. One thruster is mounted laterally and thrusts the vehicle port and starboard. The final two thrusters are mounted vertically and thrust up and down. The thrusters are easy to work on and the supplied manual carries work instructions for various maintenance procedures.

The Hydraulic Manipulator based on this ROV is from a reputable outside supplier and features; 6 degrees of freedom / rugged, tough and extremely lightweight material / lift of 40kg at full reach / excellent dexterity and articulation / incorporates 6mm soft rope cutter / 180deg jaw rotate

At Rovtech Solutions we pride ourselves on the knowledge that the RSL Pick and Place Seaker ROV has succesfully moved over 25+ tonnes of radioactive fuel rods and counting. Our products' track record in some of the harshest environments speaks for itself.


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