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Course Overview

The Rovtech Solutions four-day course has been designed specifically to give an introduction into Remotely Operated Vehicles and their use. It is designed to give an overview of the theory and flying practices of two ROVs in particular: the Videoray Pro4 and the RSL Seaker

The course covers:

  • Basic Controls
  • Observation
  • Tether Management
  • Working with/close to silt/sludge

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Introductory Course to ROV Piloting

The Basics

A remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) is a tethered underwater mobile device. ROVs are unoccupied, usually highly maneuverable, and operated by a pilot in a nearby control centre. ROVs are linked to a control unit by a tether or umbilical cable to the pilot’s control console. The tether is an armored cable that contains a group of electrical conductors and fiber optics that carry electric power, video, and data signals between the operator and the ROV. Most ROVs are equipped with a video camera, lights and thrusters. Additional equipment is commonly added to expand the vehicle's capabilities. These could include manipulators which are attached directly to the ROV, or via skid. A skid is an additional tooling system attached to the bottom of the ROV. The Pro4

The Pro4 ROV, sometimes called the VideoRay, is a small ROV that is primarily used for capturing images and videos and is the ROV of choice for observation work in the Legacy Ponds. It is a commercially available item, and this is reflected in its relatively low cost.

The Seaker

The Seaker is a bespoke ROV by Rovtech Solutions Ltd and is used for fuel retrievals and sludge movements within the Sellafield Sites complex.

The Outcome

By the end of the training you will be expected to:

  • Unpack the ROVs and identify all the components in the cases and on the ROV.
  • Identify any safety issues
  • Free flying and safe return within the deep-water facility
  • Flying from specific location and return to same point using observer notes
  • Creating and operating in poor visibility
  • Maintaining good visibility by careful operation of controls
  • Umbilical management over short and long distances
  • Navigation of best routes round a range of underwater obstacles and return following tether and observer notes
  • Picking and placing of items using grip stick.
  • Recovery, washing, post-dive checks and storage of ROVs.

This course is by no means a comprehensive course designed for the pilot to go offshore. It is an introductory course only.

Take advantage of our ROV Training services and make an enquiry today

Introductory Course to ROV Piloting

The course is run 'on demand'. There are no set dates available

The course is designed for 2+ people. Individuals are welcome to attend but must cover the cost of the full course. Course prices are available on request. Any person wishing to book a place and who are employed by sellafield sites must register through the sellafield training dept.

Please Note: courses that are booked and then cancelled must be done at least three weeks in advance or the cost of the full course will be charged.


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