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Third Party Product Development

Picture of the Nano Seaker in both CAD and Drawing Format

Bespoke Solutions Development

Rovtech Solutions have a history of developing bespoke engineering solutions for harsh Environments. Since the first offshore ROV design, ground-breaking solutions for the nuclear industry and their latest award-winning innovations Rovtech have developed a business culture for innovative design.

Utilising their design and manufacturing capability Rovtech have delivered numerous packages of work in support of their nuclear and oil & gas clients. Often taking client’s requirement for an engineering solution to an emergent problem and providing a cost-effective, pragmatic tool within hours of initial contact. Rovtech have provided offsite support services to their main nuclear client for over a decade, supplying AV inspection equipment, ROV and ROV spares, ROV tooling, long reach tooling and many other bespoke solutions.

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Project Management

A typical project would take the following route:

  • Liaising with our client and their operations team, Rovtech will assess the scope of requirements and, as a team, formulate a concept/solution
  • An overarching design risk assessment will be used to inform future actions
  • Following client approval of the solution, the concept will often be computer modelled in 3D, and a 3D environment will be generated to test the concept against computer generated parameters
  • If required by our client a proof of concept “mock-up” will be manufactured and tested for functionality and client approval sought for final manufacture
  • Finished products will be inspected, tested and CE marked.
  • Quality management is assured by our ISO9001-2015 accreditation with quality plan support and LTQR pack provision for quality grade 2 equipment, when required

Rovtech will always strive to give our clients a first-class service that keeps them in control of the process, and of course the expenses.

The company ethos is: No Surprises.

Bespoke Product Development

Rovtech Solutions offer a design and development service for clients who wish to develop new products but wish to own the IP and future manufacturing rights. Our Design and development services run along the same process as for our bespoke solutions development. However, the addition of component sourcing, appraisal and testing, design for manufacture, development of a product file and identification of future manufacturers would be added to the process with the provision of further rigorous testing offered as an option.


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